Toby the T-Rex

Toby the T-Rex, is the very first virtual tour guide (and dinosaur) to be a part of the ANCIENT CITY TOURS family.

Toby is 10 years old and he likes chasing butterflies, eating juicy bugs, and learning about the history of Saint Augustine. At a compact 6 inches in height with red and black markings, he can easily blend into his surroundings as he scours the streets of our Nation’s Oldest City in search of tales and treasures.

Toby found his way to Florida after criss-crossing our nation on the rails. The sites were amazing and the landscape immense, but life on a tracks was lonely until he found himself aboard the Florida East Coast Railway on a train bound for Saint Augustine, FL. Once he saw the beauty and history of the city, he knew he had found his home.

 Toby was at Walmart gathering supplies when he spotted his future mom in the toy aisle. Toby says “Goofy looking and confused, she seemed like someone who’d been alone for awhile, too. Her only redemptive quality was the Ancient City Tours guide shirt she was wearing.” A tour guide?!? This was exactly the woman he would need to help him learn more about our Nation’s Oldest City. He jumped into her cart, they hit it off immediately, and he has been a proud Saint Augustine resident ever since.

Toby says, “Now, mom and I spend our days taking in the sites and soaking up the history so that I can bring those stories to you! Whether picture, video, or reenactment, I bring four and a half centuries of history to life all razzle-dazzle Toby style…often silly, but always sincere. History is fun if you look at it a little different and my job is to ensure that all the kids, moms, dads, and friends out there in Tobyland get the chance to see the joy in our history as well.

I even have my own day of the week on the Ancient City Tours Facebook page: - Toby Thursday (because Tuesday belongs to tacos). You never know what I’m going to get into, so be on the lookout for me, Toby, and we’ll learn about Saint Augustine together! “

You can also follow Toby on Instagram #AncientCityToby