Morganne Pratten

Recently discharged from the United States Navy, this busy wife and mother of three small boys is very happy to be back in her hometown of St. Augustine, giving the tours she loves. 

She has an in-depth, up close personal love of the history and local culture of the oldest city. Morganne has been with our company since 2008 and is an integral member of the Ancient City Tours family. She enjoys the finer things in life, teaching her own children how to grow their own food and build things with their own two hands. She appreciates hard work, and definitely knows how to have fun doing it! 

Morganne genuinely enjoys and looks forward to spending time with you and your family.  She will teach some of the ins and outs of St. Augustine history, as well share some of the lesser known things you may have never heard of. When asked about giving tours to school kids, Morganne said, " I absolutely love giving school tours. I love the fast-paced schedules, I love the goofy kids who ALWAYS have something hilarious to say, and I love sharing what I know about my beloved hometown. Although let's be honest, most of the time we're looking for a bathroom for someone who didn't go at the last stop." Morganne is sure to help you and your family have a great time while learning. History can and will be fun on her tour!
Call 904-827-0807 to book your tour with Morganne! You will be glad you did!