Jan Rapp

Jan is an educational tour guide for Ancient City Tours. As a former middle and high school history teacher, she bubbles with excitement when bringing the narrative of Spanish Florida and the founding of America out of the textbooks and into the hearts of each visitor. Jan will help you retrace the footsteps of the Spanish settlers--battling British and Buccaneers—to secure our small settlement and ensure the survival of our Nation’s Oldest City..
Jan’s love of history—specifically Saint Augustine— has been life-long and passionate.

Although raised in West Virginia, her Floridian-born father ensured that she visited the city and learned of its past each and every summer. He passed his respect for country, heritage, and history onto Jan. She says “Now I get the privilege of doing the same on my tours. Although the stories are unchanging, each day brings an awe-inspiring, enlightening, and often humorous adventure.“ In addition to teaching, Jan is a former college athlete and high school coach. She has also worked as a background actress in television. Jan says the boss of her house is her ornery Boston Terrier puppy. In her spare time, she likes to write and go fishing. Jan’s job motto is: “If you think history is boring, you haven’t had the right guide.”
Jan shares -“ If you’re looking for hands-on learning, our team at Ancient City Tours has bridged the gap from past to present. The preservation of our history is felt, seen, and smelled with each tour, as we walk the coquina-lined streets to the rumble of distant cannon fire. A trip to Saint Augustine reaches beyond the longstanding tradition of teaching history via text, and takes each visitor “on location” where these centuries-old stories are brought back to life. You’re not hearing history, you’re living it, and I’d love to be the guide who takes you there.”
So what are you waiting for? Give us a call and we can show you the Oldest City through Jan’s eyes.
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