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Whether you are visiting St. Augustine for hours or days, Ancient City Tours will plan an Educational Field Trip that will meet all of your students’ educational needs!

We Provide:

  • PROFESSIONAL GUIDE SERVICEgroup-at-colonial-quarter-medicine
    Our team of Professional Guides which are also licensed by the city after passing a knowledge of local information and history test, are then put through our vigorous training program. They are trained on the safety required for a student field trip, the procedures and rules of each location you will visit, and the safest routes to get there. They are there to assist you in making more than a field trip, but a lifetime of memories. Your guides know where the best photo spots are, where cameras are allowed and not allowed, and will also take photos for you. All the while giving you more information than many times the hosts may even provide. Our staff is carefully selected and we constantly evaluate them to make sure they are not only giving correct information, but are doing it cheerfully and because they enjoy what they do. If your guide does a great job for you, then feel free to give them a gratuity, we understand that a “tip” tells them they went above and beyond what was expected, and we reinforce how important that is to every field trip experience.
    Because of our close relationship and experience with the attraction hosts, we are able to custom build itineraries that give you the most in your field trip adventure. We know the best ways to get to and from every attraction,. We also know how long you need to be there to get all of what you are paying for, so that you don’t have to feel rushed all day long. Of course this is where your professional guide also comes into play. It is their job to try and keep you informed of the next stop and time needed to get there. Every group is different with different needs and expectations, this is where our experience pays off. We will make sure you get more than ever thought you could while visiting St. Augustine, The nations Oldest City. (Click here to see itinerary sample)
    We are able to provide all of these if you desire. Knowing which transportation companies offer the best value, when you consider the age of the equipment, the reliability of their staff, and every detail about your trip is imperative to a successful adventure. We also monitor which companies are on approved vendor lists for different school districts, this allows us to work with you and your accounting department to assure your trip goes as you’ve planned and your students and chaperones dreamed of. We believe in being in the “Happy” business, after all thats what we do every day!. Feel free to ask about the safety of local accommodations, locations, travel time, and make sure you let us know what your meal expectations and desires are, from inexpensive to unique we truly know where to go!

We will plan these aspects of your trip if needed.




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