As the school year comes to an end!

Hello everyone,

Have you ever wondered what our tour guides will be doing while school is on Summer break? Well, not only will we be increasing our knowledge of the town’s history but we will be creating new itineraries for the upcoming school year!

We also have created vacation packages, as well as, day time walking tours. That’s right, we can help you with your vacation plans. We will take the hassle away from you, so that you can enjoy all of your time with your loved ones! Are you interested in learning more about Henry Flagler? If the answer is yes, then our Flagler Legacy Tour is for you. Want to learn about our Myths and Legends? That’s right, we have a tour for that!

Saint Augustine offers us a countless amount of history and all our of guides absolutely love sharing that history with you. We welcome your questions and we guarantee you will leave with more information regarding Saint Augustine than you came with.