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Nights of Lights 2016 – 2017

Every Night from Nov. 19, 2016 to Jan. 31, 2017


You’ll never forget Nights of Lights in St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra and the Beaches… Florida’s Historic Coast! Nights of Lights traditionally begins the Saturday before the Thanksgiving holiday. This year, Nights of Lights “turns on” November 19, 2016, and continues nightly through January 31, 2017.

Night turns to day in the downtowntown plaza with Christmas Lights in all of the trees and a Special multicolor tree in the center.

A Christmas Tree in the Plaza

The best way to experience Nights of Lights is to plan an overnight stay so you can soak up the sparkly, festive atmosphere and enjoy all the dining, tours, and entertainment this award-winning holiday celebration has to offer.

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A Ghostly Encounter Walking Tour…


(Learn the History of our building and the story of St. Augustines original Love Tree)


A Ghostly Encounter 6 Cordova St. St. Aug. Fl 904-827-0807

A Ghostly Encounter
6 Cordova St. St. Aug. Fl

Join us on our award winning Walking Ghost Tour.
Your licensed, costumed storyteller will amaze and beguile you with stories and ledgends of our city’s “DEAD”.

Citizens! Enter our building. Investigated by  Peace River Ghost Trackers and many more, to hear of the Paranormal activity occuring there, of the tales of what was here before this home was built and what secrets it is believed to be hiding. Then it is out into the city for more adventure.

You can also buy your tickets at 6 Cordova street, St. Augustine, FL 32084



If you’re planning a trip to St.Augustine or already a resident you should definatly visit http://www.nationsoldestcity.com to find out about events happening in the city! A trusted site for all the information you need when looking for things to do in town.  Let Ancient City Tours help with your vacation packages!  Call 904-827-0807 for more info on packages or tours

Featured in soon to be published “Tin Can Travels” by Ramona Creel

you should really round off any historical trek through the Ancient City with a stop at the Spanish Military Hospital. The building itself is just a reconstruction of the hospital of Our Lady Of Guadalupe that stood on the site during the second Spanish colonial period — but the presentation is first-rate. I was the only visitor that afternoon, and I had the docent (a hippy-looking guy with with a Brooklyn accent and a long gray ponytail) all to myself. Well it was just fabulous! We chatted for nearly an hour, more informally and way longer than a normal tour. This man knew literally everything there was to know about colonial-era medicine. He proudly showed off implements for pulling teeth and drilling holes in a skull that was suffering from too much inter-cranial pressure. He talked about amputations done without anesthesia and the exquisitely sweet smell of burning meat that comes off of a newly-cauterized stump. He even talked about the “doctrine of signatures,” whereby herbs that resemble organs were used to treat ailments of that body part — and showed me the little red dried cochineal insects that the Spanish thought cured blood diseases (because when you pinched it between your fingers, it pulverized into a red powder which looked like dried blood.) Turns out their patients were just eating bugs — at least they were getting a little extra protein. Wink

What A great article from a visitor to the Spanish Military Hospital.

We Thank you from everyone here!!


Music By The Sea

Thursday July 21st at 7:00 pm is Music By The Sea concert series! A free concert downtown St. Augustine at Plaza de la Constitucion. Join Locals and guests of our town for an evening of music and fun.  Before and after the music visit some of the cities sites, take A Ghostly Encounter tour with Ancient City Tours or any of our popular spots for dinner. For reservations or inquiries  for the Ghost tour call 904-827-0807. Hope to see you down here!